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FAQ – Free Edition

The free version is not limited to entering a specified number of account cards or even materials, and is not linked to an expiration date The free version can be used to enter thousands of accounts or materials and an unlimited number of documents from sales and purchases invoices, receipt vouchers….

No .. Only one accounting data can be opened within the free version, in case you want to create more than one accounting file, you can develop for the paid versions while preserving the same data entered in the free version.

There are no fees for the free version, and there is no expiry date for the free version too.

Yes. Multiple report designs can be designed in the program.

No. , All users have absolute privileges in the free version. Multiple users can be created to see only the data-entry operators. Permissions control is available in the paid versions only.

Yes. Editing is available for all entries you have made.

Yes, the names of existing descriptors can be modified from the Tables tab in the cards menu, but the number of descriptors is limited in the free version.

In case you need an unlimited number of descriptors, you must switch to the paid version.

No … The free version accepts only one database, you must go to the paid version, where you can open a database for each facility on the same device.


Yes. It can be designed as desired also.

Is there a special report for the ledger in the free version?

No. The detailed account statement is only available in the paid versions. You have to order tow reports “vouchers movements” or “Account ledger” , and “print invoices”.

Yes. There is a budget report in the free version with an additional report is the “final account”, which displays the budget details of trading, profits and losses.

Yes, the free version supports VAT. You can choose a tax ready form when downloading the software for the first time, or add taxes in the future.

Yes. Backups can be made in the free version and settings can be prepared to automatically perform daily backups.

Yes, The modifications made to any document can be reviewed through the attached transaction log.

Yes. The invoice can be linked to payment notices, and the paid and unpaid invoices can be viewed and filtered through the invoice printing report.

No.. vendors details , is only available in the paid versions.

No, cost centers are only available in the paid version.

Yes. The free version is supporting multi-currency. Bills can be entered in different currencies, and a record voucher can be balanced in two different currencies within an academic accounting method.

No. It is sufficient to create one account for it under the customers book or under the suppliers book. In the accountancy, entry vouchers will be generated automatically for his account according to each process, and thus a report on the movement of vouchers can be requested for his account to know its balance with the possibility of filtering the reports according to the required documents, whether sales, purchases, or receipts … to obtain the results as requested.

It depends on your experience in financial matters and trade, the program is designed to automatically do all the accounting documents for you. With time, you will have the accounting experience by dealing with the program.

No, the material inventory report whose results are 100% correct and thousands of our customers work on it, but the problem is often with the entries, for example a product was sold in the program before entering a purchase invoice for it, and the profit report was requested for a specific date before the date of entering the purchases, so logically it will appear to you that the profit of the product is 100% From its selling value. But if the report is requested without selecting an option to date. You will see the actual product profit. Therefore, we always recommend entering the purchase invoices before sales, and in the event that you get a purchase invoice from the supplier sometimes late or you are forced to sell a product negatively, it is sufficient to reserve an invoice through the purchase document before starting to sell the materials that you will buy, and upon the arrival of the purchase invoice you enter the materials for the empty invoice that It has been reserved and modified. Or enter the purchase invoice later, but on a day before the date of sales, so costs and profits are adjusted automatically and you always get correct results for materials profits.

The cost is calculated as a time-weighted average based on the remaining quantities.
Let’s explain it in the following example:
We bought a product with a quantity of 10 at a price of 15, so the value of the inventory became = /150/
and the current cost of the product is “15”.
Then suppose we had sold a quantity of 5 at a cost of 15,
So the value of the inventory will become = /75/
Then we bought the same product in a quantity of 20 at a new price = 10, so the value of the new inventory according to the cost at the time-weighted average is equal to:
. (5 * 15) + (20 * 10)) = 75 + 200 = /275/
Divide it by the new inventory quantity, which has become equal to 25, so the new cost = “11”